This #ZigZagHR-Toolkit is shared with the readers of ‘#ZigZagHR—Waarom de beste HR geen HR meer is’ authored by Lesley Arens & Lisbeth Claus (Dutch edition, Pelckmans Pro, 2018) and is part of the #ZigZagHR-Ecosystem.

Even without previous experience, you can build these #ZigZagHR-Stack competencies one-step at a time. You do not have to tackle a full-fledged set of new skills all at once!

  • Learn-it-yourself: We suggest that you re-read chapter 4 (#ZigZagHR-Stack—A new skill set beyond HR), identify the competencies that are of greatest interest to you and get acquainted with the different exercises and templates in this #ZigZagHR-toolkit.
  • Form a team with like-minded individuals—other HR practitioners or people in your HR department
  • Attend a MasterClass: this allows you to dig deeper into the skills, discuss it with others, use the templates, practice by doing, and develop train-the-trainer capabilities for implementing #ZigZagHR with your HR team.

It is our goal to share this toolkit with the #ZigZagHR readers. You may copy, use and adapt these templates to fit your needs as long as you acknowledge the source (Copyright © 2018 #ZigZagHR-Toolkit. Lesley Arens & Lisbeth Claus,, All Rights Reserved).

Templates are available in downloadable files for: The ‘three boxes’ applied to HR: Employee perspective. HR perspective, employee-HR gaps