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⚙ The automotive industry is on the verge of a transformation thanks to electric vehicles. As a strategic thinker, you outline the vision: How should the company deal with these challenges? What is the role of HR in this revolution?

Jouw takenpakket

✈️ Managing international teams gives you wings. You demonstrate an understanding of the unique challenges and growth dynamics of local HR managers across the globe. Travel to China, Mexico, Romania and Germany to connect deeply with local teams who often work independently and provide them with coaching.
👉 As a bachelor or master with an industrial background and international experience, you have a clear vision of how a global HR policy is designed, embraced and implemented.
👉 You are a beam of positive energy. As a born storyteller, you love to create buy-in and connect with people by deploying the right communication strategy at the right time.
👉 You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Of toch? Ben jij vlot Nederlands- en Engelstalig? Dat is fantastisch want je bent ongeveer 20% van je tijd aan het reizen.
👉 The free bonus that comes with this challenge? International and amazing colleagues and the opportunity to have an impact and become the best version of yourself (and to bring this out in others!).


Wat kan je verwachten van ons?

🚗Are you in the driver’s seat of the global HR strategy at VCST?

Get in touch with Ruth Janssens (0475 89 41 48) or Katleen Wuyts (0496 57 74 44)
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